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Zero waste beauty for unapologetic self love.

For the Climate and the Culture

High quality personal care products that respect the Earth and your melanin.


Bringing awareness to the climate crisis in communities of color while addressing the inequities experienced by people of color within the beauty industry.

100% Natural & Organic

Sustainably Sourced

Social Justice


10/10 Would Recommend

I suffer from eczema and it flares up really badly in the winter. I have been using the body butter and have not experienced a flare up since! Baby soft and moisturized skin all day long. Absolutely love it!

--Nathifa R.

For over 30 years, I've put Vaseline on my face to protect it from cold weather, keep it from getting dry. But since 2017, I have been using this body butter on my face, and I haven't had any breakouts, my skin doesn't get dry, and I love how it doesn't leave that greasy residue that Vaseline did. It just melts right in and has given me a newfound confidence. Same face but new skin!

--Dayona E.

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